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Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, is an important industrial city and the gateway of Southwest China. It is also a famous city with long history and extensive culture, and a city open to the world.

Kunming has beautiful natural scenery. Its four seasons are all like spring, and flowers blossom all year round. A poem describes the weather here as "the climate is constantly similar to that in February and March, the flowers never cease to blossom, and the four seasons are all spring". So Kunming enjoys the reputation of being a "spring city" and "flower city". However, there is a big difference in temperature between day and night, and between sunny days and rainy. As the saying goes, "there are no difference between winter and summer, but winter comes after rain".

With a long history, Kunming is a famous city in the border area where many ethnic groups coexist. There are a lot of cultural relics and scenic spots in Kunming, which has become a famous international tourist city. The historical sites includes Grand View Tower, Yuantong Temple, Tongwa Temple, the birthplace of Zheng He (a famous navigator in history), and the tomb of Nie Er (a famous musician). The noted scenic spots include West Mountain, Dianchi Lake, Kunming Botanical Garden and so on.

Grand View Tower
Grand View Tower, located by Lake Dianchi, is a three-story square building. It has red walls and green tiles. From the towere one has a panoramic view of the boundless sky, the beautiful lake and mountains. The long couplet with 180 Chinese characters here is reputed to be the longest couplet in ancient and modern times.

Kunming International Horticultural Expo Site
Kunming International Horticultural Expo Site is a group of magnificent buildings, covering an area of 2,180,000 square m, including International Stadium, China Stadium, Stadium of Human and Nature, Great Greenhouse, Science Stadium, etc. International Stadium, with a floor space of 12,006 square m, is made up of a round main building and has a long arc wall over 100 m long. China Stadium, covering an area of about 20,000 square m, is the largest indoor stadium in the Expo and is used to display the wonders of Chinese gardening.

Reference data

The name of "Kunming" can be traced back to 1271 AD, in 1276, the province of Yunnan was set up, and Kunming county was established. In 1931, Kunming became a city. It was an important city in the rear during the period of Resistance War against Japan.

Kunming International Horticultural Expo was held in May 1999. It made Kunming more prominent and was a significant milestone in the opening of the city to the world. It has had a far-reaching impact in creating more room for reform and opening up, speeding up economic development and developing a progressive society not only in Kunming city but also in Yunnan province.
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